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New port facilities in Punta Langosteira

The project of the New Port Facilities in Punta Langosteira, promoted by the Port Authority of a Coruña, is one of the most important building works under construction at present, due to the importance and complexity of these works, and also to its impact on the Galician Autonomous Community.

On the other hand, an important recovery of the present port façade will also be implemented, with new uses for citizens, stressing on the city-port relationship.

The project is partly financed with EU Cohesion funds, amounting to 257.5 million Euros.

Likewise, the European Investment Bank has granted a loan of 130 million Euros to co-finance this works.

In view of the importance of these projects in all spheres, both regarding the building works in Punta Langosteira and the recovery processes of port areas for new uses in the present port façade, the Port Authority of A Coruña opens this specific section in its institutional Webpage in order to share all the information concerning this project as well as to show the development of the project.

In this Webpage you can find:

  • a) Information about how works develop
  • b) Information about the evolution of changes in the actual port yard, with reports of the main events
  • c) Article archive: news on both the project management and its impact in the media, as well as images of the different stages of the buildings.
  • d) How to contact us

This Port Authority wants the general public like and enjoy this Webpage, so that the public could know how this project develops and its impact in Coruña, its hinterland, Galicia, and also Spain and the European Union.